We believe it's vital for fathers to be the loving and strong leaders that they were created to be. The importance of a father’s positive involvement in their sons lives is critical, to raise up the next generation of men on a loving and solid foundation. That loving leadership and involvement is crucial to the future of our families, communities and nation. What kind of legacy will you leave?

Don’t watch from the sidelines, get in the game!


The Father & Son Bowl kicked off in late

2006 on a brisk winter day. It was a

backyard pick-up game with a world class

referee (thanks Andy!). The boys had a

lot of fun and the dads had a lot of sore

muscles. The final score... FUN!


In 2008 we decided to take this idea to a

larger community level. We weren’t sure

what the response was going to be. WOW,

what an event! Over 160 fathers and sons

turned out for the second annual event.

In 2014 the event continued to grow. Over 1,160 players turned out for another great day of football and bonding. So far, we have raised over $38,000 for fatherless children.


Jesus Christ is our head coach and the Bible is our playbook. When you know your creator and His playbook for your life, then you can truly live a victorious life.

Sincerely from our family to yours,

Darin & Caree

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2006 — The founding fathers

“Not having sons and growing up without a father in the home, it brings tears to my eyes to see the interaction during this event.

The comments I heard from the dads about this event rock you to the core. I am so proud to be a part of the event and look forward to assisting in future years.”

– Randy